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Tájékoztatjuk Önöket, hogy az autós, motoros és off-road vezetéstechnikai tréningjeink a Felnőttképzési Törvény értelmében bejelentési kötelezettség alá esnek. Kérjük olvassák el részletes tájékoztatónkat a Hasznos Információk alatt.

Hungaroring Racetrack - Open Day For Bikes
Open Day For Bikes Voucher

Experience the feeling of riding on the famous Hungaroring race track. Aim of open day for bikes is to provide the bike-lovers with the opportunity of trying the limits of their bikes and develop their skills. The Hungarian F1 track may present unforgettable feeling for both beginners and advanced bikers. Come and experience the excitement of track riding without speed limit.

There are four categories in which riders can participate: Bronze (over lap time of 2:15), Silver (between 2:05 and 2:15 lap time), Gold (under 2:05 lap time) and Beginners. Participants, whose lap times do not fit into the registered category several times, will be excluded from the track day. The program takes place in 20-minute rounds. The maximum number of riders on the track at the same time is 15, but the organizer reserves the right to change this number at any time. During open days transponder is mandatory.

Participants can only participate during the open days with a driving licence or racing licence valid for their bikes.

The programme will take place once a month on average in 2021, mostly on weekdays. 

Full documentation containing the terms and conditions of participation is available here: https://hungaroring.hu/en/experience/open-day-for-bikes. Please read the information and terms and conditions before purchasing. The lack of this knowledge does not entitle you to redeem vouchers.

Entry deadline: 30 days before expiry at the latest

Participation is with private cars.

Redeemer: Hungaroring Sport Zrt

Location of redemption: 2146 Mogyoród, Hungaroring út 10. (Hungaroring)

​Transferable. Not refundable, apart from the time period regulated by the legislation. May be extended in accordance with the GTC.

Round: 4x20 min
Time: 1x75 minutes (beginner)
Quantity: pcs
40 000 Ft
109,34 EUR

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