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Team building - Tanpálya élményprogramok
Dating training

Not sure what to surprise your partner with? Still looking for an unforgettable and unique idea? We have a super tip for a special date.

Our expert instructor will guide you through our training, providing personalised attention and practical instruction to help you get the most out of your training.

As for special occasions, our programme is the perfect way to surprise your partner. It's a great idea for a birthday, Valentine's Day, a wedding gift or just a fun activity together that gives the gift of security.

So why wait? Have a date at the Hungaroring!

Duration: 2 hours (15:00-17:00 or 16:00-18:00)

Programme process:

Tracks: ABS test track, circuit, slalom, skidpad


welcome: non-alcoholic sparkling wine

20-minute briefing: track layout, safety instructions

You can come in one car or in separate cars.

Practical exercises:


braking, obstacle evasion, steering

correct pedal handling

skidpad exercise for a taste

transition exercises

slalom practice with surface change

At the end of the programme, you can place the love padlock you have brought in the Training Area.


Price: gross 124,460 HUF /2 persons


Prices include:


welcome champagne (non-alcoholic)

organising and managing the programme

a commemorative card with a unique joint photo

insurance premiums

Option: a commemorative puzzle of the date can be ordered for 5.000 HUF, to be indicated separately when ordering.


To order and make an appointment: ertekesites@tanpalya.hu


Quantity: pcs
124 460 Ft
316,94 EUR

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