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The Client may choose the payment method of the amount of his/her order in ” Payment” menu item.
Payment shall be made by bank transfer, 

  • bank transfer,
  • via mail order, or
  • as online payment (PayPal or SimplePay), or
  • in cash.

Modifying the selected payment method after finalising the order is not possible.

In case you choose bank transfer, the Client must pay the price of the product, together with additional costs to the name of the Service Provider and to the bank account of the Service Provider as stated in the order confirmation. After payment arrives at the Service Provider, the ordered goods will be delivered by the method selected by the Client.

Online payment is possible via PayPal or SimplePay system. In this case, upon clicking „Order”, the system automatically redirects the Client to the PayPal or SimplePay payment website, where by following the commands, it is possible to pay electronically. Service Provider does not take any responsibility for mistakes and errors made during using this payment website, the Client is responsible for using this site. After debiting the electronically paid amount to Service Provider’s account, the ordered goods will be shipped.


In case of postal payment, the price of the products and any other occurring costs will have to be paid in cash to the postal courier, upon receiving them.
Paying in cash is only possible when purchasing personally at Tanpálya. Payment by credit card is also possible at the sale point.

Prices on the website contain 27% VAT