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Regulations of this point concern only natural persons, acting out of the scope of their profession, vocation or business activity, who purchases a product, orders, receives and uses, utilises, and is the Address of commercial communication and offer, concerning the product. In case of purchase, the Client has the right of withdrawal, in case of ordering service, the Client has the right of termination of the contract. Procedure of validating the right for withdrawal / contract termination Client is entitled for a withdrawal / termination of contract without giving any reasons within 14 days of receipt of the goods. 14 days are to be calculated from the date of the Client or his or her representative receives the goods or signs the contract aimed at receiving a service. 

Day of reception is:

  • in case of electronic vouchers, when the Service Provider sends the e-mail to the Client,
  • in case of personal delivery, the day of the personal delivery,
  • in case of postal delivery, the day of reception of the goods by post.

If the Client wishes to validate the right for withdrawal / termination, they can do so by filling in the form that is in the Appendix of this present GTC or any other statement, describing clearly the intention of withdrawal / termination, and by posting or e-mailing it to any of the contact details set at the beginning of this present GTC to the Service Provider. Service Provider will acknowledge the intention to withdraw and confirm it within five days of reception of the notice.

Client must prove that the right of withdrawal is validated in accordance with the regulations of this present point. In case of termination of the contract, Client must send back the product received by them, without any delay but no later than within 14 days of sending the termination notice to the Service Provider. This deadline is considered to be met if    the Client sends back the product before the 14 days deadline. Direct costs of the return must be born by the Client. If the Client terminates the contract in accordance with the relevant regulations, immediately, but no later than within 14 days of receipt of the Client’s termination notice, Service Provider refunds all the services delivered by the Client.

During the refund Service Provider is entitled to choose the lowest cost for refund, with the explicit agreement of the Client, with the condition that it does not mean any extra costs for the Client. Otherwise Service Provider must choose the original payment method for the fulfilment of the obligation to refund.

Service Provider may retain refund as long as the Client sends all the product(s) back or can prove that they have been sent back. 

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