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Bluetooth mini hangszóró


This Bluetooth speaker easily connects to smartphones, tablets and notebooks, providing you with a practical solution for listening to music at home, at work or eevn during traveling. Its bleutooth range is 10 meteres,and works fo up to 4,5 hours if fully charged. Thanks to its incoming call manager function it can be used as a hands-free device with your connected smartphone.


  • Connects to tablet, telephone, laptop, PC
  • Android, iOS, Windows Phone support
  • Built-in FM radio with automatic search
  • Metal enclosure for better sound
  • MP3
  • Controls Bluetooth devices from the speaker (forward/backward, start, stop)
  • Analog audio input
  • 5 hours of operation time
  • BXS System (on hard surfaces, highlights the low tones)
  • Extended size
  • V3.0 Bluetooth version
  • 500mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Chargeable with USB Jack or USB phone charger
  • Accessories: USB/mini, USB/3.5mm jack cable

Importer: Beez Amsterdam Kft.

Address: 1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 7-9.

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