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Groupama Driving Centre - Basic Driving courses
Premium training

This is the most complex training, for small groups (5 people), using the facilities of Groupama Tanpálya, and practicing all the possible dangerous traffic situations.

Duration: 7,5 hours ( 450 min, 60 min lunch break)

Theory:cca. 45-50 min

Apart from introducing the track and a briefing on safety regulations, useful practical topics are also discussed.

Practice: cca. 5,5 hours

Driving begins on one of the ABS test tracks, with the basic exercises of information gathering, during which we focus on the behaviour of the tyres with the help of useful exercises and the continuous theoretical explanations of the instructors. 
Thanks to the small group, there is an opportunity to deepen the gained knowledge. 
After lunch break, the participants get a glimpse into the physical background, after which the practice continues, on the round track, slalom track and uphill and downhill tracks. 

1. ABS test track, 2. kick plate skid pad, 3. Round track, 4. Uphill and downhill track


Comment: the training includes a catering package (before the training coffee or tea and snacks, in the lunch break some cold dishes)

Redeemer: Tanpálya Kft.

Location of redemption: 2146 Mogyoród, Hungaroring út 10. (Hungaroring)

Validity of vouchers: for 183 days from the date of purchase

Important: transferable, not refundable beyond the legal regulations. May be extended as per GTC.

Other: participation with your own vehicle. Valid driving licence is necessary.

Dates: http://tanpalya.hu/en/services/calendar

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