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Tájékoztatjuk Önöket, hogy az autós, motoros és off-road vezetéstechnikai tréningjeink a Felnőttképzési Törvény értelmében bejelentési kötelezettség alá esnek. Kérjük olvassák el részletes tájékoztatónkat a Hasznos Információk alatt.

Groupama Driving Centre - Basic Driving courses
Warm-up training

Aim of this training: to get an impression of your own driving skills and the limits of your car

Duration: 2 hours (120 minutes) 

Theory: cca. 15-20 minutes 

Limited to the introduction of the track and briefing on the safety regulations.

Practice: cca. 1,5 hours

 The driver gets information on the condition of the tyres and the basic kinetic dynamic characteristics of his car. Focus is rather on gathering information with slightly less practice. Part of the training is practicing on the kick plate to get a taste of skidding.

Tracks: 1. ABS test track and 2. kick plate skid pad


Redeemer: Tanpálya Kft.

Location of redemption: 2146 Mogyoród, Hungaroring út 10. (Hungaroring)

Validity of vouchers: for 183 days from the date of purchase

Important: transferable, not refundable beyond the relevant legal regulations. May be extended as per GTC.

Other: participation with your own vehicle. Valid driving licence is necessary. 

Dates: http://tanpalya.hu/en/services/calendar

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