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Motorcycle Academy - Off-road tréningek
Enduro cross training

Those who have already experienced our basic training and have fallen in love with riding a motorbike off-road, usually return for our basic Dirt and extended Enduro programmes too. During these trainings, we usually only have a short try on the old cross track and the forest, as these our most difficult terrains, requiring the strongest skills. This training uses only these areas, therefore it is a pre-requisite that you are already familiar with the basic programmes (Dirt or Enduro training).

Duration: 10:00-13:00 or 14:00-17:00


  • Warm-up on the dirt track.
  • Hungaroring old cross area introduction, in both directions.
  • Hungaroring inner forest area introduction, on new paths, only available by motorcycle. 

Here there is no theoretical and practical demonstration, only pure motor riding off-road. During the warm-up you get to know the bike we provide, and your body gets to prepare for the challenge, to avoid injuries in the occasional falls. The cross area is “sterile”, with an abundance of long up and downhill parts, where riding is only possible in a standing-up position in both directions. The forest is our favourite area, with not such a high speed but very variable surfaces and the grip, with lots of “distractors” such as trees, grooves, water holes and up and downhill parts that look scary at first, but your instructor will give you personalised advice. Sore muscles the next day are guaranteed!

Comment: available all year round. The training includes a catering package (coffee or tea and snacks before the training, and sandwich for lunch)

Redeemer: Tanpálya Kft.

Location of redemption: 2146 Mogyoród, Hungaroring road 10. (Hungaroring)

Validity of vouchers: 183 days from the date of purchase

Important: transferrable and refundable as long as the relevant legal regulation is concerned, may be extended as regulated in GTC.

Other: Participation with a bike provided by Hungaroring Motorcycle Academy. Valid driving licence is necessary. 

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