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Motorcycle Academy - On-road tréningek
Mountain motorbike training


  • What are some of the unexpected situations and special circumstances that we as motorcyclists need to be aware of?
  • What riding skills can prevent accidents?
  • More precise cornering and braking techniques
  • Specific characteristics and technical features of motorbikes

Practical tasks

  • Ground exercises with the off-road motorbikes of the Hungaroring Motor Academy
  • Specialised level 3 asphalt built tracks where each participant practices on their own bike, giving you the chance to learn your own limits and your bike's handling in special situations
  • Use of an asphalt slope and uphill track, where you can practise road situations in safe conditions

This training is for you if...

  • you like riding your motorbike in the mountains
  • you like the bends
  • you want to be more confident in handling, using and controlling your bike in specific conditions
  • you want to improve your skills on climbs, descents, simulating mountain sections

Protective equipment is provided on request.

Bike: Own
Quantity: pcs
39 600 Ft
100,42 EUR

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